Worthing Gift Card

The Worthing Gift Card was launched Christmas 2021 and currently there are over 90 businesses registered to take the cards.  If you haven’t done this yet then you could be missing out !!


Businesses  located within the Business Improvement District (BID) can join the Worthing Gift Card scheme at no cost as long as they can take a Mastercard payment.  The physical cards will need you to swipe them to take payment but don’t worry if you don’t have swipe facilities we now have a digital card that can be set up in Apple and Google wallets.

Its FREE to be part of the programme; and there are no additional set-up /ongoing fees for participating businesses as these are being met by the Worthing Town Centre Initiative funded by the BID.

If you want to join but need help then please email sharon@worthingtowncentre.co.uk

Why is it good for your business to sign up?

  1. It introduces new customers to your business

People that receive town centre gift cards tend to explore more. 15% of redemption is by customers visiting a business for the first time.

  1. It can attract additional spend

Customers that redeem gift cards spend on average 40% more than the value of the gift card and tend to upgrade their experience, going for higher-margin products – it’s the psychology of gifting!

  1. It’s easy to implement

As the programme uses the existing Mastercard infrastructure it’s easy for a business to get involved – no changes are required to software or hardware in order to accept the gift card.

  1. It pays automatically

Businesses receive the full value of the money spent via their existing payment channels at the time of purchase. The transaction is treated the same as someone purchasing via Mastercard.

Many of the cards will be purchased at Christmas meaning cardholders will be spending in Jan / Feb bringing much needed income during the quieter trading months.

What do you have to do?

There is no selling cards this is all done centrally although we can give you some cards that people can load via a weblink if you would like some.

There is no paperwork any card purchases will show as a Mastercard transaction.

You just need to register which is easy as 1,2,3 ………………

  1. Process a Card Holder Not Present Transaction for £1.00 using the following details:

         Card Number:  5388 9500 0447 2012

         Expiry Date: 11/25

         Security Code: 382 

For the businesses that have iZettle who can’t accept swipe please do a payment link: (see link below on how to do this)


and send it to 07411515777 for £1

  1. Complete the form with your business information on this website http://bit.ly/worthinggiftcard
  2. Sign the Merchant Participation Form https://bit.ly/worthinggiftmpl or follow the link from http://bit.ly/worthinggiftcard

Once registered just sit back and let people redeem their gift cards with you.