Business Crime Reduction Partnership


Shopwatch is a Business Crime Reduction Partnership run by the Worthing Town Centre Initiative in association with the National Association of Business Crime Partnerships and Sussex Police.  The scheme is funded by the Business Improvement District which means it is offered to BID levy payers and Businesses located within the BID boundary at no cost.  Businesses outside of the boundary can still join the scheme but there will be a charge.

Business Crime Reduction Partnerships are a data sharing network aiming to prevent, deter and detect crime by sharing intelligence between members. Worthing Shopwatch is Data Protected and can share photos of known offenders and incident reports with its members.

CLICK HERE for the partnership protocols


Worthing Shopwatch uses a system of incident reporting called DISC it allows the gathering and sharing of information about criminal activity in the town. This intelligence is shared with Sussex Police so Crime Reduction actions can be agreed.

DISC is available on a computer at this link or on an App using any smartphone.  The App can be downloaded by anyone but only members can access the system.

CLICK HERE for information on how to download and use the DISC App


Membership is available to all businesses in the Town Centre and for businesses located within the BID area it is free to join.

All Businesses wishing to join the Business Crime Reduction Partnership must accept the operating protocols of the scheme as well as signing a Data Integrity Agreement to ensure any information is only used for crime reduction purposes

CLICK HERE to download the Data Integrity Agreement and Shopwatch application form

Business can also join the Radiolink scheme but this is not covered by the Business Improvement District and charges apply.

Worthing Shopwatch is registered to hold Data with the Information Commissioner please click here to see our Privacy statement

How much does a radio cost?

Radio’s can be rented or purchased; however  we are currently recommending that new radio’s are rented as the scheme will soon be transferring onto a digital platform and our Radio provider will change these over as part of the changeover with no additional costs.

Radio costs

Rent  = £5.07  + VAT per week and this amount is invoiced by our Radio partner Adur Radios Ltd

Purchase  = £295.95 + VAT plus an annual infrastructure cost of £50 + VAT again invoiced by Adur Radios Ltd

Radio’s will only be provided to signed up members of the Shopwatch scheme who have accepted the terms and conditions of the partnership.




How do I get the information from Shopwatch?

Once  the terms of the Business Crime Reduction Partnership have been agreed and a Data Integrity Form signed then individuals will be given access to DISC.

DISC can be viewed on a computer or via a free downloadable app on any smartphone.   DISC enables members to share information and report incidents with other users via the system.

To apply for membership of Shopwatch call 01903 203252.

For members access to DISC click here


I am not a Retailer can I still join the scheme ?

Although the partnership started as a Shopwatch scheme it is open to all Town Centre businesses who might be challenged by anti-social behaviour and other forms of crime.  It is a business partnership so the business becomes a Shopwatch member and then its staff can sign the Data Protection Act to gain access to the information.

This is a partnership and so it is important that members provide intelligence and information as well as looking at what is on the system.

There is a Pubwatch scheme running in Worthing but both schemes work together and those that also register for Shopwatch will be able to have access to the information on the DISC system.  A gallery for the night-time economy is being developed.