About Us

The Worthing Town Centre Initiative is a Community Interest Company that generates revenue from activities it undertakes in the Town Centre and then uses these funds to enhance and promote the Town Centre. The Worthing Town Centre Initiative was formed in 1992 as a not for profit organisation by businesses trading in the Town Centre whose goal was to promote the town as a thriving, profitable shopping centre. On July 5th 2007 the businesses in the Town Centre voted YES to becoming a Business Improvement District and the BID launched in April 2008.  The second term BID was approved in 2012 and the business plan for this runs until March 2018.

The Worthing Town Centre Initiative aims to increase the number of times people wish to visit the Town by promoting a clean, safe environment with lots of variety where businesses thrive.


What do we do

  • Christmas Lights
  • Fundraising
  • Installation and removal
  • Christmas Light improvements


  • Increased Floral Displays
  • Seafront Planting Competition
  • West End hanging baskets (Heene Road to Pedestrian precinct)
  • Flowerbed at the back of M&S and Pavilion Theatre planters
  • Waitrose / Lyndhurst Road Roundabouts on the High Street
  • Pavilion Roundabout sustainable planting scheme and sculpture
  • Warwick Street Planting
  • Portland Road Hanging baskets and contribution towards Portland square planting
  • Flowerbed at Buckingham Road Public Conveniences


  • Events
  • Worthing Urban Beach
  • Christmas Event
  • Worthing Food & Drink Festival
  • Worthing International Birdman (although we have temporarily hung up our wings due to rising event costs)
  • Contribution to events including bowls,  More radio live, Warwick St party & West End event
  • Town Centre entertainment programme


  • Markets
  • Organise and Manage the Worthing Wednesday Market
  • Facilitate the Emporium Market
  • Arrange French / Italian & other speciality Markets


  • Business Communication / Lobbying
  • Represent business interest at meetings
  • Lobby for investment / improvements
  • Gather information to feed into decision making processes
  • Produce & deliver Town Centre Newsletter and eNewsletter
  • Communicate to the public via website & social media


  • Manage the street activity in the town
  • Register buskers
  • Manage event spaces
  • Manage illegal street trading


  • Provide signage / advertising
  • Fund and arrange signage to areas of the main thoroughfare (subject to planning consent)
  • Promote the town on the advertising sites on the precinct and prom


  • Cleansing
  • Chewing gum removal and deep cleaning
  • Provide cigarette pouches to businesses
  • Janitorial reviews
  • Report issues to Local Authorities


  • Footfall
  • Capture footfall and review
  • Network with other towns to look at how to increase


  • Ad hoc projects
  • Fishing feature
  • Liverpool Gardens improvements
  • Seafront Information boards


  • Shopwatch
  • Manage Shopwatch system (Littoralis)
  • Manage Town Radio link
  • Provide date to the Police and hold meetings to look at priorities
  • Town Centre Rangers


  • Advertising / Marketing
  • Produce a marketing campaign
  • Look for opportunities to positively promote the town


  • Guides
  • Produce Food & Drink guide & distribute
  • Produce Independent Shopping guide & distribute


  • Vacancy Reports
  • Produce vacancy reports for potential new businesses


  • Business advice
  • Offer advice and information to businesses
  • Help with event management advice


  • Loyalty card
  • Offer & promote a loyalty card scheme

Steering Committee

Our Committee is made up of Businesses trading in the Town Centre along with the Local Authorities and other business organisations.  The committee focus on the art of the achievable and ensuring the fund generated by the BID and the Town Centre Initiative are invested to have the biggest impact in the Town.

The Committee members are


Chris Spratt – C G Spratt & Sons


Peter Bennett – President Chamber of Commerce

Roger Green – Roger Green Sound & Vision

Jeremy Silverthorne – Jeremy Silverthorne Fine Jewellery

Michael Clinch – The Chatsworth Hotel


Alastair Vickers – on Behalf of Ayres, Bright, Vickers


Paul Holden – The Worthing Journal

Diane Guest – West End Traders & the Sandwitch Bar

Andy Sparsis- Proto Restaurant Group

Peter Powell – Manager M&S

Dave Munn – Manager Boots

Damon Connelly – Waitrose

Micky Paul  – The Co-op

Ian Goodridge – The Montague Centre

Sam Whittington – Sew Silver

Paul O’Brien – I love Candy

Gary Harrison – The Swan Public House

Sue Stevens – Worthing Churches Homeless Project

Cllr Tom Wye – Worthing Borough Council

Cllr Clive Roberts – Worthing Borough Council

Cllr Michael Cloake – West Sussex County Council

Lynda Dine  – Worthing Borough Council

Lydia Schilbach – West Sussex County Council

Tina Tilley – Worthing Chamber of Commerce

Sharon Clarke – Worthing Town Centre Manager