Worthing Business Improvement District

Worthing Business Improvement District

Worthing businesses are currently voting on the Business Improvement District that has been in place in Worthing since 2008.  A Business Improvement District is where businesses agree to pay a small levy on their business rates and this money is kept locally to deliver a business plan the businesses have developed for the Town.

In total 408 businesses will have the opportunity to Vote as only businesses with a rateable value of £12,000 or over will be liable for the levy.  Only businesses being asked to contribute will receive a ballot paper and at least 50% of those voting will need to approve the plans.  The Result will be known on 1st November 2017,

Here are some examples of what is currently being provided by the BID :-

Floral Displays including Seafront planting

Christmas Lights

Events (Food Festival, Urban Beach, Christmas Event)


Chewing Gum Removal and Deep Cleaning

Town Centre Rangers

Business Crime Reduction